Thanksgiving Bliss

Celebrate thanksgiving with your family, and a big festive meal.

All images are generated with Colab notebook included in the Quick Start Guide.

Positive prompt:

still life, thanksgiving turkey meal, fancy candle, wine, gravy, pumpkins, realistic photography, decorative, grapes

CFG scale 7
Sampling steps 20
Image size 704×512
Seed -1
Face restoration None
Sampling method DPM++ 2M Karras
Model Stable Diffusion v1.4

Technical notes

  • keywords “realistic oil painting” was used originally but got some lackluster paintings. Switched to “realistic photography”. The colors come out very well.
  • “still live” is used to anchor this particular of featuring variety of still objects.
  • The rest is a pretty straight forward list of common thanksgiving stables, plus some decorative elements.

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