15 Effective SDXL Prompts for Optimal Results

The SDXL model is the latest innovation in the Stable Diffusion technology. It delivers remarkable advancement in image quality. Because of the changes in the langue model, prompts that work for SDXL can be a bit different from the v1 models.

In this article, you will find 15 SDXL prompts with different styles. You can use them as is or as a starting point to creat your own.

In Stable Diffusion v1, most users do that with multiple custom models. Can the SDXL be the one model that rules them all? Let’s find out.


Follow the SDXL article to set up your environment of choice before using the SDXL prompts.

SDXL prompts

All images below are generated with SDXL 0.9. Here are the generation parameters.

  • Size: 1536×1024
  • Sampling steps for the base model: 20
  • Sampling steps for the refiner model: 10
  • Sampler: Euler a

You will find the prompt below, followed by the negative prompt (if used).

1. Animal bar

photo of a rhino dressed suit and tie sitting at a table in a bar with a bar stools, award winning photography, Elke vogelsang

cartoon, illustration, animation. face. male, female

Modifications: Animals and settings.

2. Monster in the wood

a giant monster hybrid of dragon and spider, in dark dense foggy forest


Modifications: Change the two hybrid animals to create a monster with a different look.

3. Amazing bubbles

a little boy with ginger hair wearing denim overalls chasing bubbles. clean pastel painting, beautiful detailed face, lots of bubbles, photorealistic

4. Properly dressed

beautiful woman wearing fantastic hand-dyed cotton clothes, embellished beaded feather decorative fringe knots, colorful pigtail , subtropical flowers and plants, symmetrical face, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, 8k, digital painting,trending on pinterest, harper’s bazaar, concept, art, sharp focus, illustration, Tom Bagshaw, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Alphonse Mucha

ugly, deformed

Modifications: Change the artists to modify the style.

5. Black armor

a woman with black armored uniform, futuristic, giant robot, inspired by Krenz Cushart, neoism, kawacy, wlop, gits anime

disfigured, ugly, deformed

6. Catch a train

b&w photography, model shot, man in subway station, beautiful detailed eyes, professional award winning portrait photography, Zeiss 150mm f/2.8, highly detailed glossy eyes, high detailed skin, skin pores

ugly, deformed

Modifications: Change the gender and setting. Add hair style. Specify his/her age.

7. With a gun

a woman in a futuristic suit holding a gun in her hand, looking at the camera, cyberpunk art, neo-figurative, anime

disfigured, ugly, deformed

Modification: Hair color, skin color, her look, the weapon.

8. Stack of rocks

a beautiful stack of rocks sitting on top of a beach, a picture, red black white golden colors, chakras, packshot, stock photo

Modification: Specify what kind and color of the rocks. Specify the background.

9. Yellow butterfly

a painting of a woman with a butterfly on a yellow wall, graffiti art, inspired by Brad Kunkle, tutu, russ mills, hip skirt wings, andrey gordeev

10. Warrior

a woman with long blonde hair sitting on the ground, cyberpunk art, by Krenz Cushart, wears a suit of power armor, closeup character portrait, cute detailed digital art, artgerm and lois van baarle, japanese anime, 1girl

ugly, disfigured

11. Fish

a painting of a fish on a black background, a digital painting, by Jason Benjamin, shutterstock, colorful vector illustration, mixed media style illustration, epic full color illustration, mascot illustration

12. Walking down the street

a woman in a pink dress walking down a street, cyberpunk art, inspired by Victor Mosquera, conceptual art, style of raymond swanland, yume nikki, restrained, robot girl, ghost in the shell

13. There’s always music

a man in a space suit playing a guitar, inspired by Cyril Rolando, shutterstock, highly detailed illustration, full color illustration, very detailed illustration, dan mumford and alex grey style

14. Chinese painting

a painting of a beautiful graceful woman with long hair, a fine art painting, by Qiu Ying, no gradients, flowing sakura silk, beautiful oil painting

ugly, deformed

15. Model with curly hair

model shot of a woman with long curly highlight hair posing for a picture , rendered in lumion pro, anime girl in real life, beautiful portrait photo, bright background

ugly, deformed

Modification: Specify the look of the model.

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