Unleashing the Power of Realistic Princesses: A New AI Text to Image Tool

Do you wonder what a Disney Princess looks like in real life? Now you can imagine with a little help from AI. This is a simple workflow for generating realistic princesses in a fantasy forest.

You will learn how to generate high-resolution images like these in this article.

Software setup

We will use AUTOMATIC1111 Stable Diffusion GUI to create images. You can use this GUI on WindowsMac, or Google Colab.

Windows or Mac

We will need the henmixReal v4.0 model. Download URL:


Follow the instruction to install the model.

We will use 4x-UltraSharp upscaler. See the Upscaler article for installation.

You will need to have the ControlNet extension installed. See the ControlNet tutorial for installation instructions.

We will use ControlNet Tile Upscale. We will need the Ultimate SD upscale extension installed. See this article for installation.

Google Colab

If you use our site’s Google Colab notebook, you need to select the following two extensions.

  • ControlNet
  • Ultimate SD upscale

And download the model using the Model_from_URL field. Put in:


To download the henmixReal model.

You need to download and install the 4x-UltraSharp Upscaler if you don’t have it already. Put it in the folder stable-diffusion-webui/models/ESRGAN.


  1. Navigate to txt2img page.

2. Enter prompt:

sit on floor, realistic beautiful princess in mushroom land, blonde, highlight hair,, intricate , slim body, (pink princess gown:1.2), night, deep (darkness:1.2), growing mushrooms, dim light, fantasy, bokeh, perfect face, looking intently at you

3. Enter the Negative Prompt:

bad, low quality, easynegative, cartoon, 3d, disfigured, deformed, toy, ugly, nude

4. Set the image size. Height: 768. Width: 512.

5. Set CFG scale to 7, sampling steps to 20, and sampling method to DPM++2M Karras.

6. Click Generate.

6. Pick an image you like. (The seed of this image is 1948272507)

7. Save this image to your local storage. Right-click the image and select Save.

8. Click Send to img2img under the image for upscaling.


We will use ControlNet Tile upscaling to enlarge the image while adding beautiful details at the same time.

  1. Navigate to the img2img tab.

2. Upload the image to the image canvas of ControlNet (Unit 0).

3. Set the following parameters in ControlNet (Unit 0).

  • Enable: Yes.
  • Preprocessor: tile_resample.
  • Model: control_XXXX_tile.

4. In the Script dropdown menu, select Ultimate SD upscale.

5. Enter the following settings for Ultimate SD upscale.

  • Target size type: Scale from image size.
  • Scale: 2 (You can pick higher if you want to scale to larger.)
  • Upscaler: 4x-UltraSharp

6. Set denoising strength to 0.5.

7. Press Generate.

Now we get an upscaled image of a realistic princess.

realistic princess.


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