Revamped Spaces: Futuristic Bedroom Designs Upgrade to the Future: Modernize Your Bedroom Transform Your Sleep: Futuristic

Look out the beautiful cityscape in the future, right from your bedroom.

Generated with Colab notebook included in the Quick Start Guide.

Positive prompt:

a futuristic bedroom with large curved ceiling,  high windows,  (futuristic decor: 1), looking out to a far future cityscape, sunny outside, scifi, (neon cyberpunk light:1.0), blade runner, (hologram:1.4)

CFG scale7
Sampling steps25
Image size768×512
Face restorationNone
Sampling methodDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelStable Diffusion v1.4 or v1.5
Recommended GUIAny

Technical notes

  • This is a simple prompt: Positive only, no further processing required. Remove the parameters, colons and numbers if you generator does not support it.
  • The weight of the keyword neon cyberpunk light can be adjusted to change the tone of the image. You would sometimes get cool effect of interior neon linings.

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