Free Stable Diffusion AI Image Generator Sites – Unleash the Power of AI for Stunning Images!

In this page, you can use this site’s Stable Diffusion generator, free of charge.

You will also find a ranked list of third-party sites.

Free Stable Diffusion generator

Want to try out Stable Diffusion? Feel free to use the generator below.

We offer 3 models.

  • Stable Diffusion v1.5: The official base model. Versatile in all styles.
  • Realistic Vision v2.0: Excel in generating photo-style realistic images.
  • Anything v3.0: Anime style.

Free Stable Diffusion sites ranked

Below are a few options. We are unaffiliated with any of these sites. They are ranked solely based on the free features offered.

Stable Diffusion v1.5 demo

Perfect for first timer getting a taste of Stable Diffusion. It’s a HuggingFace Demo. No sign up required. Not a lot of people are using it these days so speed is decent. 4 images at a time, but almost no customization. They also have a v2.1 version supporting negative prompts but its a bit slower.

Mage Space

Mage Space has simple interface. Basic images with 1.5 model does not require signing up. After signing up a free account, you can use advanced options like negative prompt and v2 model. Paid plan buys to access to different models.

Playground AI

Playground AI combines image creation and social network. You can create, share and like images, and follow creators. The rendering option is limited but speed is pretty good. Remixing image is an interesting feature. Only base models are available.

Dream Studio

From the creator of Stable Diffusion, Stability AI. It’s not technically free but you get free credits when you sign up. Only base models are available.


No signup. Text-to-image and Image-to-image.

Histre’s Social Generative AI

Automatic bookmarking site’s AI image generator. No sign up if generating one image. A very simple AI generation. Only Stable Diffusion v1.4 is available.

Free image generation after sign-up. Appeared to process prompt before feeding into model. Allegedly using the latest Stable Diffusion 1.5. Limited setting. AI image generator

Free Stable Diffusion image generator. No additional options.

Stable Horde

Stable Horde generate images by user donated processing power, aka crowd sourced computing. It does not require sign. It’s relatively powerful, supporting negative prompts. The downside is the rending is pretty slow.


DALL-E mini model. Completely free and requires no sign-up. Rendering is a bit slow.

AI art maker by

After signing up, allow you to create images for free with their own model. The image is a bit small and option is limited.

Night Cafe

Not technically free but you will get a few free credits after you sign up.

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