Revamp Your Fantasy Game or RPG Characters with Stable Diffusion


Some prompts for generating full-body character graphics for fantasy games or RPG.

Our journey will never end.

All images are generated with Colab notebook included in the Quick Start Guide.

Positive prompt:

(mage :1.3) in spiral lightning background, perfect beautiful face, realistic, full body, standing on ground, circuit board, in intricate clothing, elegant pose, fantasy, illustration, artstation

Substitute “mage” with: Wizard, warrior, enchanter, assassin, elf, ranger, summoner, … etc.

CFG scale7
Sampling steps25
Image size512×704
Face restorationNone
Sampling methodDPM++ 2M Karras
Model50% Anything v3 + 50% F222 (See merge instruction)

Technical notes

  • The spiral game-card like background comes from Anything v3 model. Perhaps it is trained on many images like that.
  • The keyword “circuit board” helped to induce the circular circuit-like background pattern.
  • “spiral lightning background” is used to add varieties to the background. They usually don’t co-exist: The background is either a circular pattern or lightning. You can remove one or modify the change the background.
  • Perhaps due to the models used, you will get a female character by default. Use keyword “male” to force a male character. E.g. “male wizard”.
  • You can experiment with outfit keywords. For example, “warrior in armor”, “elf in dress”, etc.
  • Keyword “face” is used to make the face visible. Otherwise sometimes it only shows the body. Likewise, “standing on ground” is used to show the legs.
  • Portrait size is used to induce full body images.

Inpainting settings

Here’s are the settings used to inpaint small area of defects, including the face and extra objects.

PromptSame as original
Sampling steps50
Image sizeSame as original
Face restorationCodeformer
Sampling methodEuler
ModelSae as original
Mask contentOriginal
Inpaint at full resolutionOn

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