1. “Elegant Gemstone Patterns for Stunning Decor” 2. “Transform Your Home with Exquisite Gemstone Patterns”

Some close-ups of expensive things.

Fashion’s finest gems brought to life by Stable Diffusion

All images are generated with Colab notebook included in the Quick Start Guide.

Positive prompt:

close up angled view of glistening oiled, gemstones on dark blue silk with golden threads, ornate, intricate Exquisite details textures highly detailed digital painting, bokeh, dramatic lighting

Negative prompt:

CFG scale 12
Sampling steps 20
Image size 512×512
Seed -1
Face restoration None
Sampling method DPM++ 2M Karras
Model Stable Diffusion v1.5

Technical notes

  • A simple prompt for generating decorative gemstones on fabric.
  • Patterns are usually generated with a top-down view. I wanted to create a oblique view to make it more interesting. “close up” and “angled view” did the job. “bokeh” add to close up view nicely.
  • It’s critical to dial up CFG scale to around 11-12. Otherwise gems and gold threads may not be generated at the same time.
  • “dramatic lighting” is added to make the scene more interesting with uneven light. (with varying degree of success)
  • “ornate”, “intricate” and “exquisite” may sound like empty filler words, they turned out to be quite important for generating intricate patterns. Without them the patterns are sophisticated.
  • Readers suggested adding “filigree” and “brocade” to generate some stylish patterns!

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